Buying property in Majorca

Purchasing a property in Majorca has never been so easy as with Bufete Frau. If you wish to purchase any home, plot, land, office or tourist center, place yourselves in the best hands in this field. It will be our pleasure to help and advise you in all that you require. What are you waiting for?

After more than 20 years of experience in this area, from our office we are able to provide you with the best service of real estate lawyer in Mallorca or Ibiza. Put yourself in the hands of a highly specialised team with a wide a successful path in Real Estate Law. We are confident that you won’t regret it!

We can take part in any stage of real estate proceedings, from a simple initial study to the negotiation of any contract or the finance you require to complete the project. We are different to other competitors insomuch as offering a better support and customised guidance to all of our clients. Only this way is it possible to obtain your full satisfaction.

Buying property in Majorca

Place your trust in our experts at the moment of purchasing a property in Mallorca

There are many determing factors that carry weight at the moment of purchasing a property in Majorca. Consequently, advise is a fundamental part in our every day, regardless of whether we are speaking of a purchase/sale, rental, exchange or construction. Information is power and the more you have, better decisons can be taken.

Additionally, after two decades of specialization, from Bufete Frau we are able to prepare, negotiate and draw up any type of contract, as well as contact valuers or real estate agents. As you can imagine, we will be at your full disposal for cases that require legal defense or out of court proceedures.

Remember that in Bufete Frau we have become well know in Mallorca and Ibiza for property administration and advise at the moment of purchasing all types of property. What are you waiting for to place yourselves in the hands of a leading team?

Buying property in Majorca

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