2013 Spanish Income Tax Calendar


Derecho Inmobiliario y cuestiones Fiscales

The campaign has already started for drawing up the Income Tax declarations for the year 2013. From Bufete Frau solicitor and lawyers we wish this to be as easy a proceeding as possible and therefore we are at your disposal through all our communication means, offices in Mallorca and in Ibiza and our new app. So that no-one is caught without warning please find below 2014 calendar with the dates of the Income Tax 2013 campaign. We trust this be of use: Calendario Renta 2013_con logos_EN

01-04-2014 Start of telematic drafts. Information telephone INCOME TAX

1.- Obtaining reference number of Draft and/or Tax information (RENØ) through  Internet: from the 1st April to the 30th June. 2.- Obtaining reference number from RENØ, necessary information for the request: -          NIF/NIE -          Box 620 of the income tax declaration 2012 -          IBAN (of the box 620 is the same as 0) -          IBAN (for the new tax payer who did not present a declaration corresponding to 2012 -          Cell phone number for receiving SMS 3.- Exclusion of the Income Tax declaration draft, failing that Tax Information: -          Income of economic activities and/or professional. -          Income of Property Capital, arising from the granting of rights of image. -          To have Real Estate investments from more than 8 properties. -          Pay tax by IRNR. -          Obtain patrimony profits or losses, Real Estate Income, all this not subject to retention.

23-04-2014 Start of telematic presentation of the declarations (PADRE).

Presentation of the Income Tax declaration 2013 drawn up with the programme PADRE, or with other recognised computor programmes, exclusively through Internet: from the 23rd April to the 30th June Presentation of the Patrimony declarations 2013exclusively through Internet: from the 23rd April to the 30th June.

05-05-2014 Start of presentation of non telematic declarations. Opening of request of previous appointment.

Start of the service of request of Previous Appointment to draw up the declarations and modify the drafts: from the 5th May to the 27th June.

12-05-2014 Start of drawing up of the declarations in Offices.

Start of the service for drawing up the declarations and modification of the drafts in the offices of the Inland Revenue Office and other departments (CCAA and CCLL) that collaborate in rendering this service, PRIOR APPOINTMENT: from the 12th May to the 30th June.

25-06-2014 Final date for direct bank debit.

Last day to present declarations to be paid, with direct bank debit.

27-06-2014  Last day to request previous Appointment for attention in offices.

Last day to request Previous appointment for attention in offices.


Last day to present Income Tax declaration 2013 and that of Patrimony 2013.


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